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While the draft represents an important first step in a player's career, the greatest opportunity for sizeable financial gain comes at the Major League level. ESG takes great pride in its record of success as skilled and experienced contract negotiators - it is a major factor that sets us apart from our competitors and ranks us among the best in the industry.

Collectively, the principals of the agency have been able to secure more than $300 Million for its clients. Some of the most notable include:


  • All contracts for Los Angeles Dodgers' legend Ron Cey throughout his career, including his 1983-1987 contract with the Chicago Cubs that contained an unprecedented bonus provision based on home attendance

  • Barry Bonds' 1993-1998, $43.75 Million San Francisco Giants free-agency contract that, at the time, was the largest baseball contract ever obtained

  • Bobby Bonilla's 1992-1996, $29 Million New York Mets free-agency contract

  • Pedro Astacio's 2002-2003, $20.5 Million New York Mets free-agency contract

  • Henry Blanco's 2007-2008, $5.25 Million Chicago Cubs guaranteed free-agency contract

  • Luis Valbuena's 2017-2018, $15 Million Los Angeles Angels guaranteed free-agency contract

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